the flow of inner body


Bodyrhythm is an inner dimension of body mysteries.... the flow of life.When there is life, there is flow. Or we can say other way, when there is flow.. there is life. The moment we enter into life.. the flow is as shown in the graph.. which can be measured or analyse by being aware of our bodyrhythm flow. When we are weak or sick, the very rhythm is also low and the flow can even stop. Through inner sense it is possible to be aware and to evaluate where and how our body is functioning, and what can be done to bring back the bodyrhythm to its normal flow.
Once the flow is back healing happens because it is the nature of the body.
Body is always willing to get healed but we keep creating all kinds of
obstruction which block the flow of life, so it is no wonder that we get sick of all kinds of physical and mental issues.
Bodyrhythm process is an unique way to bring back our very original flow